Practice Areas

1. Customs Clearance services of all kinds:

Fair Clearance is working in the field of customs clearance and its all kinds, especially custom clearance for Free Zones Projects whether they are industrial, commercial, service or storage activities. Fair Clearance is also providing its services to Trade Companies that import materials for trade purpose, or to productive factories that import their production and raw materials.

A) Custom clearance for free zones companies:

Fair Clearance paid a special attention to that kind of custom clearance because it has a very special nature and accurate details, basically Fair Clearance specialized mainly in free zones custom clearance, it provides special programs to companies that works according to that special system.

Before the actual start of work, based on the following:-
  • Define the type of the free zone system by which client is working because procedures differ from a zone to another whether it was a public or private free zone.
  • Define the Geographic location of free zone which the client belong to.
  • Define the type of company’s activity whether it is a manufacturer productive company, engaged in storage field or in service activities.
  • Define the kind of industry, stored materials, or the service activity.
  • Define the volume of production, storage, or customs transactions.
  • Define the nature of products and materials in terms of dry solid state or liquid state, and methods of packing.
  • Define the nature of importing the raw materials from the international market or the local market and the nature of the exporting to the international or the local market and defines the ports that the client will deal with.

  • Upon gathering all the previous data, Fair Clearance is able to define the needs of the free zone company and immediately sets a work plan to achieve these needs whether it was by Fair Clearance team or by creating a special clearance department inside the clients company.

    It worth to mention that Fair Clearance services are not limited to custom clearance and opening customs certificates only, it can also handle and fulfill Free Zones procedures as follows:
    1. Complete the procedures of all kinds of acknowledgments in the GAFI whether it was acknowledgments of local export, international export , local import , international import , temporary export, temporary import, Repair and return, suspended or scraps.. etc.
    2. Follow up Insurance policy, related to company’s import and export, from and to outside the country, which covers the risks of transporting goods to and from different ports. It shall be issued in favor of GAFI, and without it, GAFI does not guarantee the company at Customs Authorities, accordingly, the transactions will not be done. Through following up the policy and deduce the amounts deducted by each transaction, Fair clearance sends a daily report to the clients reminding them of the due dates to renew their policy or issue a new one.
    3. Follow up the financial guarantee (1/1000), the charges imposed by GAFI in return for guaranteeing companies to the Customs Authority. Fair Clearance follows up client’s balance on daily basis and sends him a report and alert to pay in advance before company’s balance at GAFI ends.
    4. Fair Clearance carries out all the procedures of the enter and exit of the shipments from and to the project inside the free zone, Fair Clearance coordinates the inspection committee that consists of GAFI, customs , the project agent –one of Fair Clearance teamwork - , then carries out the procedures of goods storage and release permission professionally within minutes from getting company’s order for products enters or exit.
    5. Register all the transactions of the company regarding the entering of raw materials or the exit of products in the books made for that , and deduct the percent of the raw materials used in production from the companies warehouse in the books made for that. In addition to the above mentioned books, where all free zones companies shall hold these books, Fair Clearance daily registers these data electronically on its computerized records. Fair Clearance also reviews these books with GAFI and Balance Department at customs on weekly basis to avoid any mistakes.
    6. Keeping the documents of the shipments.
    7. Opening all kind of custom certificates, local import, international import, local export and international export certificates, in detention, reform and return certificates, certificates of hazardous materials execution rapidly and professionally.
    8. The annual inventory or sudden inventory: Fair Clearance coordinates with the financial department and the implementation department in GAFI and follows up the procedures of the annual and the sudden stocktaking and submits the books and the preserved documents of the shipments.
    9. Carrying out the procedures of form 13 – the sales tax form – which is allocated for closing the customs certificate of domestic market. This form is being submitted by the company acting under the free zone system to the supplier instead of providing them with the sales tax value.
    10. Carrying out the procedures of the statistic form and all kinds of origin certificates in a very short time once the shipments exit the free zone gate and registering them at the ministry of foreign affairs, and the different embassies.
    11. Carrying out the procedures of the certificates of origin from the chambers of commerce and registering them at the ministry of foreign affairs and the different embassies.
    12. Following up the fees of GAFI and the free zones (1%) from the added value and informing the company with the claims that should be settled for the GAFI.
    13. Fully support the free zones companies through providing customs and logistics consultations regarding the new customs laws, decrees and regulations and also support the clients through facing the decrees that affect the work progress badly by submitting requests explaining the clients' situation with the needed proves and trying to get an exception or adapting with such decrees after removing the occurred damage so that the client will not suffer any troubles.
    14. Sending daily reports explaining all the transactions through the day.
    15. Helping and supporting our clients to get the fund from the export support fund through getting the customs certificates needed after exporting.

    B) Custom clearance for the manufacturing companies:

    Fair Clearance carries out the clearance procedures of the needs of the manufacturing companies such as the production needs, the machines, operation needs and the raw materials needed for the production, Fair Clearances team defines the HS Code of the production needs and the materials and calculates the custom value within the light of the Customs exemptions of the factories (5%), and coordinates with the factory to receive the required documents and execute the custom procedures in the arrival port inside Egypt starting from the procedures of delivery permission going through the custom inspections and taking samples if required as it's the case with chemical and beverages products and getting the release permission and upload the goods on the trucks and transport it to the productive company's plant.
    In this regard; Fair Clearance pays a special attention in order to save time and achieve these missions due to its importance because the delay in releasing the materials will lead to disturb the production.
    Further; Fair Clearance also defines the type of the customs certificate and whether it is a drawback certificate on which the sales tax and the customs duty are returned back or a final release certificate.
    Fair Clearance plays a significant role in recovering the sales tax and customs duty of the drawback certificates as soon as possible.

    C) Custom clearance for the commercial companies:

    Fair Clearance carries out all the custom clearance for the commercial companies (importers) that import products from abroad to sell them in the Egyptian local market. Here; Fair Clearance defines the type and category of these products, defines the HS Code of it, calculates the Customs Tariff that the client will pay on its basis.
    Further; Fair Clearance carries out the procedures of the custom clearance in the arrival port inside Egypt including the procedures of the delivery permission, custom inspections if there's any such as: agriculture inspection, environment inspection, public security inspection, radiation inspection...Etc. and gets release permission, upload the goods on the trucks and deliver it to the company's warehouse, all that to be done in a fixed and strict time plan.


    In the field of transportation Fair Clearance is characterized by commitment, saving time and offering competitive prices.

    3- Importing and exporting for others services:

    Fair Clearance offers these services for commercial companies that don’t have export or import license but still need to import or export, Fair Clearance provides for these clients an inclusive importing or exporting study before starting the operation itself, we offer these services upon learning, studying and businesslike practice, Fair Clearance's team save the clients time and effort regarding researching, contracting, negotiating and all other phases and procedures required to complete the operation of export or import with the least cost.

    4-warehouse and packaging management:

    Fair Clearance handles all the administrative regulations for the warehouse and packaging department and the arenas owned by these warehouses, also Fair Clearance handles the operating and usage of transportation equipments and keeps the inventory through a qualified and professional team work inside the factory and the warehouse.